Promoting Healthy Lifestyles Through Prevention Education


Celebrating 30 Years

Founded by the Junior League of Spartanburg in 1984, Reach provides a blanket of services that promote healthy lifestyles through prevention education.
Group of happy teenage friends having fun

Education For Any Age

Whether you are a teen, parent or just curious about a healthy lifestyle - Reach offers programs and assistance to support families.

Community Focused

Active in health fairs and youth events across the entire community, we partner with many agencies to help those in need.

What’s Happening at Reach

What Reach Means to Me

Hi, this is Javonica. I am a sophomore at Dorman. I was one of the participants in REACH's Be Proud Be Responsible! Class.  After completing my course I feel so much more educated about sexual information and feminine health.  Whether you're sexually active or not I strongly recommend that if your age qualifies you to be able to join in on this opportunity, that you go for it.  Bad things are actually out there and it's great that we get informed on it. Sexually transmitted diseases and other harmful things are being spread every day.  We are not only protecting ourselves but also our community.  The teachers are friendly, understanding and they encourage you 100% on making good decisions.  Sign up today!
Javonica Smith Teen at REACH
Reach doesn't just help serves a vital role in community health.
Debbie Nelson Community Advocate